Thursday, March 27, 2014

good to the very last drop

Some of our PAs are insufferable. They order things piecemeal.  Everyone gets a damn IV.

Here's a new one: Give patient 1045.5 ml bolus.  @#$%! You are frickin' kiddin me right? I'll make sure I give that last 45.5 ml as if my life depended on it. No doubt you have a complex formula you learned during your time at Bobs International school of PAs school in the Caribbean.

Oh and by the way, I ain't doin' that rectal temp on someone who is a normal person perfectable capable of putting a thermometer under their temp.  You want a rectal temp, do it yourself.....*****

****finding pictures to go with these blog entries is the highlight of my day!


Dawn said...

I had a doctor tell me to do a rectal temp on a perfectly functioning 22 year old guy. I told him there was not a chance!

Anonymous said...

I have seen a few posts from you regarding PAs and while I agree 1045 is a weird bolus, most ED PAs are very very good. As a RN (Critical Care) going to PA school soon I much rather be treated by a PA than a NP (and never an online wonder NP).

Anonymous said...

It was a stupid order - 1045 mls bolus - right from the text book. Green as grass.