Sunday, March 16, 2014

uh....that's a red flag son

"Whats going on today?" Thats my usual greeting when you sit down  in the triage chair, along with asking for a picture ID and telling you to take your coat off.  You tell me.
I may ask a couple of questions.

Well it seems Johnny had an accident and he injured arm.  There is slight swelling there.  No big deal. As Johnny takes off his coat I note a hospital band on his arm and inquire if he had been at another hospital.  He tells me thats from a couple of days ago. Hmmmmm....and you haven[t bathed since then and taken it off? flag.

So back we go to urgent care. I told the staff there about the other hospital band I had removed.  Of course I did. It turns out Johnny had been to another hospital earlier and was here in our hospital for "a second opinion".  "Second opinion" = I didn't get the narcs I wanted at the other hospital.

Here's the thing, Johnny wasn't smart enough to remember to take off the other hospitals name band so he came up empty at both places.  Well, on to the next hospital...

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