Wednesday, March 05, 2014

I predict: DEATH

From the wonderful world of pharmaceuticals comes news of a product that has been developed called Zohydro.  It has 10 times the potency of Vicodin. TEN TIMES.This drug is being marketed as a drug for those who have chronic pain not eased by the usual narcs. It won't be used as a prn med.

From what I read, some medical board that looks at this stuff for the FDA unanimously recommended against its approval.  Twenty eight states in the US have voiced opposition to this along with many people working in treatment centers, police, mental health.  But guess what?  In its infinite wisdom, the FDA has decided to approve it anyway.

So we are gonna have a drug out there to add to the mix of prescription drugs, heroin, meth and cocaine. The more the merrier right?

People are going to die from this drug.  It will get on to the street, there is no doubt.  It will be mixed with other drugs and people will overdose and die. They probably won't even make it to the ER.


Jane said...

Funny, I stumbled on your blog as I was doing some research on Zohydro. I can't believe the FDA would approve such a dangerous drug - it's only a matter of time people start dropping like flies. Corruption! Oh well, the hospitals will see.

Mary said...

Zohydro is an extended release Hydrocodone (much like oxycontin is an extended release oxycodone). It IS hydrocodone...the only reason it is "10 times stronger" is because it comes in a 50 mg extended release (also 10, 20, 30 & 40). Not that I think this is needed or a good idea, bit 1 mg of hydrocodone is still 1 mg...

Anonymous said...

I'd like to echo what Mary said, only one strength of Zohydro is 'ten time stronger than Vicodin,' and that the strongest one available--50 mg.

The other available doses are 10 mg, 20 mg, 30 mg, and 40 mg. Like most painkillers, it does come in different strengths, so please don't add to the 'OMG, it's so terrible!' hype by just repeating what the news is saying. You know that the dose makes the poison. And that 1 mg is 1 mg.

Anonymous said...

Chairman Mao had all addicts shot in the streets. That would not go over well in the USA. So,government gives them the tools to OD themselves? I wondered that about the special heroin + fentanyl mix that was sold in Pittsburgh, too.