Sunday, March 30, 2014


I approach hell week with trepidation, as  I do every time.  Who is really ready for hell week? You can't really prepare for it.

Hell week.  When I think of it, I think of the Navy Seals. Here's a glimpse: " During Hell Week, candidates participate in five and a half days of continuous training, each candidate sleeps at most four hours during the entire week and runs more than 200 miles." Sounds like hell week to me.

During hell week I work five 12 hour shifts in 7 days.  Sixty hours. I don't sleep much. I probably run 200 miles. And let me tell you, its under combat conditions. I work in an inner city ER in the ghetto OK? You never know whats gonna come through the door: a violent drunk, an almost dead heroin addict, a hysterical migraineur, an ex con drug seeker.  We take all comers.

The first day of hell week is the worst, especially because it falls on a dreaded Monday. Why are Mondays guaranteed to be bad in any ER?  Do people wait because they don't want to ruin their weekend?

Here's how a hell week typically goes:

Day one: I'm hysterical. Its Monday, the beginning of hell week. 'nuff said.

Day two: I'm draggin' , Monday sucked of course. I'm a little peeved.

Day three: I'm angry now. I hate the place. My life sucks. My co workers suck. The patients suck. Everything sucks.

Day four: I'm in a rage. Everybody and everything is stupid. I catch myself running toward the door a couple of times.

Day five: I am burnt to a crisp. Stay away. I might resort to physical violence. Road rage on the way home.  My husband has a shot of Jack Daniels waiting. I down it before I take my coat off. I fall to a puddle on the floor, weeping hysterically until I fall asleep and my husband carries me to bed.


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Alena Mauer said...

I respect nurses a lot. I could never be a nurse. Firstly, because I do not like blood. They have to do a lot of unpleasant jobs. But they still do it.

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