Sunday, March 09, 2014

why oh why?

Why oh why????!!!

-when you put a morbidly obese woman on the bedpan they never actually pee IN THE BEDPAN, but instead all over the bed?

-when you get someone on a backboard, with a fractured hip, the first thing they want to do is pee?

-when it is the shift from hell inevitably a couple of your frequent flyers will show up?

-when you have a potluck, you won't get to eat it because its too busy?

-someone has to have surgery, you go in the room and they are eating something their family gave them?

-it could be -30, there could be 3 feet of snow, but the STDs, sore throats, back pains can still make it in?

-the smaller the lac the bigger the baby?

-someone brings in elderly grandma who can't speak english, tells you they have to get to work and leaves?

-you get to work, the place is a disaster and here comes Dr $10,000 work up to start his shift?

-you finally get to the end of a shift from hell, only to learn that your replacement will be late?!!!

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