Wednesday, October 15, 2014

a second healthcare worker in dallas has ebola

Wow.  Another healthcare worker with ebola. It just blows your mind.  How many more people are going to come up posiitve?

I mean seriously, what are nurses and other healthcare workers supposed to think about this?  It gets scarier and scarier.  If I were an inpatient nurse, I would refuse to take care of a patient with ebola at this point. Not until you can guarantee that there is a group of experts in place to assure the proper precautions are being taken, no uh no....

In the ER we are sitting ducks. We won't know the patient has ebola.

What I can't understand is why these patients are not being flown to these hospitals with biocontainment units with personel trained in how to handle things like this.  When asked about why this isn't being done, the CDC director says that this could happen across the country, we all have to be prepared.  True that. Why not, once ebola is diagnosed, fly them to one of these places.  At least then we know the treatment and precautions  will be hat they are supposed to be..  Its just common sense.

At this point, the healthcare workers who cared for Mr. Duncan should be quarantined.  Its obvious there is a huge problem there.  Self reporting is not enough.  Again, common sense.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Self-reporting is NOT enough. But the good ole boy mentality is still strong here, and this judge Clay Jenkins is - IMHO - an idiot.

If they want it contained, they need to do something fast.

Anonymous said...

Totally Agree with you, Why aren't they being transferred to the biocontainment units.? This should have happened already!

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