Friday, October 10, 2014

family of nurse in spain with ebola told "not much hope"

The nurse in Spain with ebola is probably going to die. Her family has been told there is "not much hope". She is on a respirator. I watch this with particular sadness because it hits so close to home because she is a healthcare worker just trying to do her job.

This situation is an example of the foolish arrogance of western countries who think they are ready for ebola because they have a more modern health care system than those countries in West Africa.
This is an example of how doctors are missing the boat with ebola.

 This woman went to a doctor twice before finally, on her third visit, somebody connected the dots.  She was sent home from urgent care and a hospital before finally being admitted. Apparently her fever wasn't high enough to warrant concern. She was considered a "low risk".  I'm not sure how that is possible considering she had direct contact with a patient with ebola.

Since this has happened people in Spain are in a panic of course.  Healthcare personnel are outraged that they feels inadequately prepared and say they lack the proper equipment to care for these patients.  One doctor  said the suit he wore to care for the nurse did not fit him properly, the sleeves being too short, exposing his skin.

The nurse apparently lay in the emergency room for 8 hours before she was moved while workers went back and forth and the other patients were exposed.

Of course, health officials in Spain are trying to blame her, rather than take responsibility for poor training and equipment.  According to Reuters, a regional health official made the following statement:

"She has taken days to recognize that she may have made a mistake when taking off the suit. If she had said it earlier, it would have saved a lot of work," he said in a radio interview.
"The top regional health official in Madrid, Javier Rodriguez, has said Romero took too long to admit she had made a mistake by touching her face with the glove of her protective suit while taking it off." 
Well, first off, lets apologize to Mr. Rodriguez for causing him a  "lot of work", in other words having to do his job.  Number two, she didn't "make a mistake",  she probably had no one watching her take off the suit, had no proper training.  That is your fault, Mr. Rodriguez.  It is not the fault of this poor woman.
There are now 80 people in Spain being monitored, 14 of whom are in isolation.


Anonymous said...

Just like them to blame her. They should have been better prepared.

Anonymous said...

Typical. Blame the nurse! Happens all the time in so many situations. It's sad...but since we're the last line of defense for our patients, we're blamed for everyone's mistakes

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