Saturday, October 11, 2014

friday night in the ER

Let me set the scene:

Here come Mary and Joe up the walk of shame to the triage desk.  Mary is not happy with Joe and Joe is yelling at Mary, carrying on.  Mary wants to be seen but Joe keeps arguing.  Did I mention Mary and Joe are homeless and they are carrying all their worldly possessions?

So finally I've had enough.  Joe has got to go. I call security.  They start escorting Joe out and Mary follows.  I guess she doesn't want to be seen after all.  Okay, all is quiet in ERland.

What's this?  Here come Mary and Joe back again with Mr. Security officer.  It seems Mary DOES want to be seen.  Joe goes and sits in the lobby.  So I triage Mary and put her in the lobby.  Shortly after, I go to call Mary to go back to a room.  I tell her, after the scene with Joe earlier, he has to stay in the lobby.  Well Mary ain't having' it.  If Joe can't go back, she's not going either.  So she carries on in the lobby.

I once again call security.  Mary and Joe gather up their stuff.  Before they leave, Mary comes up to the desk, and in a gutsy and unbelieveable move asks if they can have bus tokens. Mary...I don't think so...are you shittin' me?

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