Saturday, October 04, 2014

the buffoons in charge of response to ebola

In yet another example of the bufoonish way the ebola virus situation is being handled, a story comes about a plane from Brussels to Newark today.  Now keep in mind, the people from the CDC have told us that "we got this", "never fear" etc.

A man gets sick an hour and a half out from landing in the US.  He calls the flight attendant because he is sick.  After she talks with she asks where he originated from guess where? Liberia.

So the plane lands, everyone but the passengers in a couple of rows in front of and in back of his row are allowed to leave.  The CDC people come on and take the guy. Then they tell everybody they can leave. So all of the passengers leave to go through customs, get their bags.  Now mind you this includes the people in the row of the man who was sick and vomiting.

So the passengers are around the airport  completing their business.  Then there is an announcement over the airport PA that the passengers from that flight are not allowed to leave and to gather in a specific area of the airport.  They are held for hours.  Finally they are let go after giving contact information.  Oh by the way, they are given a sheet with symptoms of ebola and essentially wished good luck.

Apparently it is now unclear whether this guy originated in Liberia. A passenger next to him said that he told them he had.  The guy  was apparently going to wait for his young nephew to arrive who was coming from Liberia.

The point of all this? Why the bumbling?  Why the "you can go, no, come on back".  It is obvious that despite all of this going on, the US government does not have any specific plans in place around this disease and those who may have been exposed to it on a place.  That is baffling to me.

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