Monday, October 13, 2014

why are people in hazmat gear to clean the apartment of the nurse with ebola and caregivers don't have to wear all of that?

There seems to be some kind of disconnect between what we see when hazmat teams are cleaning the apartment of the nurse with ebola and what we, as healthcare workers, are e being told to wear when caring for a patient.

So I see video on the net of people in full hazmat gear including respirator starting at the sidewalk and spraying the walkway with some kind of cleaning solution.  Stuff is brought out of the apartments and put in large yellow barrels.  WTF?

Then we are being told, oh, you just have to wear a gown, goggles, gloves and foot covers.  Do they not get the contradiction here?  I mean this woman is no longer even there in the apartment and they are taking all of these precautions.  Then we are told we don't need all those precautions.

Do they not think that this contradictory picture scares healthcare workers?  I mean seriously, they need to address this directly.  Tell me why we don't have to wear all what the cleanup crew wears?

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Gayle RN said...

I am a RN that has worked in the ER for several years and loved it. After taking 2 years off to focus on family and keep from burning out I had been thinking about returning to work. That is until Ebola. Upon hearing of the spreading outbreak in Africa I told my husband and any one else that would listen, that this was going to be real bad. That the US and African government, CDC,WHO,and NIH were down playing this to the public. That it was only a matter of time before it made it to the US and that healthcare workers would be on the front line and the most vulnerable because apparently we are not important enough to be given the same PPE as the biohazard teams from the government. Makes me sad and really makes me not want to go back work and expose myself or my family to something so potentially deadly