Friday, October 17, 2014

I haven't gone nuts

You are probably wondering when is she going to lay off the ebola.  I know I have been writing about this continually for a couple of weeks.  You think I'm obsessed, that maybe I have some kind of problem...

I love writing, hence the blog. I am opinionated. I am always analyzing everything.  I am both troubled and fascinated by this response by our country to ebola.  We have never gone through something like this before. It fits right in with what I have written here before about hospitals not being prepared for any kind of disaster. This also has effect on me personally as an ER nurse. This has caused every nurse in this country to pause and wonder about what they would do if this came to their door.

Will all that in mind, I have been writing about ebola.  I would love to have a job writing about health issues.
So anyway, I haven't gone nuts.  I'm not hiding in the basement with my hazmat suit on.


Ivan Ilyich said...

This is exactly what I want to be reading about here, until this crisis is worked through.

Carin RN said...

It is indeed frightening.