Sunday, October 26, 2014

nurses: take a look at your future if you care for patients with ebola

This ebola thing just gets better and better...**

Kaci Hickok, the nurse who is now quarantined in a tent outside a New Jersey hospital has hired a civil rights lawyer.  Here's the thing: She is going to get herself out of the quarantine.

You can't single out a group of individuals who decided to go to Africa to help with ebola, but let the ones caring for ebola patients here just go home every night.  If you are going to put Kaci in a tent, then you have to put them all in tents.  How long do you think those nurses will continue to care for ebola patients if they are told they are spending the next 3 weeks in a tent?  Not very long.

What if they are single parents?  Who is going to take care of their children?  Who is going to pay them when they are in quarantine? Obviously this has not been thought through.

I got an idea...anybody who had anything to do with or will have anything to do with  any ebola patient should be put in a mandatory quarantine.  If you were on the same bus, quaratine, live in the apartment building quarantine.  You walked on the same street?  Quarantine.  I don't know if you picked something up along the way.

Lets have thousands in quarantine now.  It makes sense.  It makes about as much sense as grabbing Kaci at the airport and putting her in a tent with a portapotty.

**this is the actually tent she is staying in.


jimbo26 said...

It comes down to what we in the UK call 'elf and safety ( health and safety ) . If you are thought to be ' carrying ' anything , you are thrown into this so the airheads cannot be sued if you pass anything on .

Mark p.s.2 said...

Is the tent heated?

Anonymous said...

I am an er nurse and ashamed of her behavior! Stop being selfish and think of the safety of others. We have nurses and doctors walking around being Ebola positive and placing the public at risk. So why not try to contain than to risk spreading a deadly disease!! If it was me, I would bite the bullet and let it be! At least I know I'm doing it to prevent public exposure. I personally think we should limit the team and place them in quarantine at any hospital! Let it be a volunteer Ebola team etc so as to have employees/doctors/nurses willing to be quarantined. I congratulate the governors who are implementing this quarantine. Someone has to do it since our president won't! I'll go one step further. People should be banned from traveling in all those countries in Africa until this gets under control!! It's called containment people!!

girlvet said...

you aren't a nurse and you are stupid

Anonymous said...

Possibly a stupid question... If those who have survived the virus have immunity, can they be encouraged and trained to help medical teams with the efforts in west Africa? Are there different strains which they are not immune to which would still put them at risk? Obviously these people have their own lives to get back to, but a little help would be a great way to give back to the system that helped them survive.