Sunday, October 12, 2014

maybe nurses should go on strike until they get the proper training and equipment for dealing with ebola

Is anyone else as pissed as hell about how this nurse coming down with ebola is being portrayed by these idiotic fools in charge of the CDC and various health departments? They can kiss my ass. Saying that the nurse "breached" or "violated" protocol.   In other words, it is the nurses fault that she got ebola. If she had done it right, it wouldn't have happened...These idiots in charge of hospitals don't give a shit about whether anybody knows how to deal with this.  They sit in their offices, never having to do actual care of a patient, shifting paper.

Maybe the  nurses in this country need to go on strike to force them to provide adequate isolation gear and training.  That's what it seems like it is going to take.  If you think that a nurse coming down with ebola will make them do anything, you are fooling yourself.

The CDC needs to pull its head out of its ass and admit that they are not ready and they really have no fucking idea it these patients can be safely cared for by anybody.

I heard a doctor "expert" say this morning, that people have been cared for without exposure siting the two doctors who walked out of the hospital after having ebola.   Guess why those healthcare workers never came down with ebola?  They are a part of a team of people who are specially trained at Emory hospital and University of Nebraska to work in biocontainment units where both of those doctors were sent.  They PRACTICE the care, the isolation techniques.  They actually know what they are doing.  What a concept.

I have no doubt that there will be more cases of ebola in Texas. It this nurse was contaminated, others were also and they are now living in the community exposing others. I'm glad our joke of a CDC has that all under control.


Anonymous said...

Just a bit of information

The BBC has had a good Ebola section for a couple of weeks now.

They are reporting from West Africa. The situation for medical workers is bad. But they have advice from leading experts without the political maneuvering you find here. The only problem is fund but they are trying to get around that with good training which has been developed through the direct experience of nursing staff.

Anonymous said...

thank you for your posts. it makes me feel better to have someone who thinks just as I do. my god this is so bad and yes, I'm mad as hell too. This nurse gets sick after working with inadequate, Hopelessly Inadequate protection and now they are going to blame HER??? HOW many people would be willing to be thrown into that situation??????
I can't even sleep thinking about all this.
Nurse for over 30 years

Anonymous said...

Me again. The person who lives in Dallas. They keep acting like we're stupid to panic, yet I too see the contradictions. And I agree, there will be more. We can't help but feel as if they - the CDC - isn't telling us the entire story.

Heather Cloer said...
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Allen jeley said...

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