Sunday, October 26, 2014

nurses become pariahs after taking care of ebola patients

OK let me get this straight, the nurse who landed in Newark friday from West Africa, where she worked for a month caring for ebola patients, is currently being held in a tent outside the hospital? Is this a joke?

Wow. She has shown no symptoms of ebola.  She sat at the airport for 7 hours, then was taken lights and sirens with people wearing the full isolation equipment to the hospital where she has tested negative twice. She is now being held against her will in this tent with a porta potty, no shower facilities. So this is how we are going to treat people who have the courage to go to Africa to help?

The people who are caring for the doctor at the hospital, WHO ACTUALLY HAS EBOLA, are going home to their families at the end of their shifts and going about their normal business of life.  How does this make sense? It doesn't.

This is craziness. Isn't there some kind of happy medium?  This is what happens when politicians start being in charge of medical problems they know little about.  Makes me wonder what would happen if there was a real epidemic in the country.

Not only will this discourage people from going to Africa, but it sends a message to nurses who care for ebola patients in hospitals: you will become a pariah. That's why a lot of nurses are going to say, hell no, I'm not taking care of that patient.

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