Sunday, October 12, 2014

health care worker in Dallas has ebola

As health care workers across this country collectively freak out, news that one of their own has ebola.

Think the hospitals will take this seriously now?

This is going to get interesting.   To see the reactions of nurses.  Will we demand training?  Or will we continue to sit back and think it will never come our way? Will we continue to trust our hospitals to take care of us?

Yes, the chance of it happening to us is minimal. Its scary nonetheless.


RedSetter said...

This is seriously worrying especially following the Spanish Nurse case. Clearly, the situation is not as easily containable as thought and this will have a serious impact on the staffing should this escalate.

I thought it was odd that they were reporting that the Spanish nurse 'MAY' have done something wrong by breaching infection control procedures although she cant recall what she might have done. I got the impression she was maybe agreeing to this to help contain some panic about the mode of transmission but clearly this disease is more easily transmitted, or the PPE is ineffectual.

Anonymous said...

My hospital just had all Emergency Dept and ICU staff go through a PPE retraining. Not a single person (me included) did everything correctly. It was a huge wake-up call for the suits. So now we are all being "re-trained" on "Biological Infectious Threats". At least they are doing something.

Anonymous said...

The Spanish Nurse said in a telephone interview that she had followed all procedures she had been trained for. She said the Hospital Administrator and senior doctor were being untruthful in saying she had made a mistake. The real problem, which has been agreed by other nurses, is that the equipment is not adequate for the situation with lots of gaps, permeable suit, no isolated air supply, and gloves which split. A glove splitting was the suspected real reason for the infection.