Thursday, October 02, 2014

stop lying about ebola

The United States is arrogant.  The officials here saying that ebola would never come to the United States.  We have a better "infrastructure" than those backward West Africans.  We have things set up for these situations.

Yet here we are.  Someone in the United States has ebola, they have exposed up to a hundred people. The system failed when they first came into the hospital.  This despite all the press about ebola,  the CDC directive to ask people if they had been in West Africa.

Now we are hearing, the nurse failed to communicate the fact that this man had come from Liberia to the "rest of the team" That may have been true, but why the hell didn't the doctor ask about travel to West Africa.  It must have been obvious that this guy is African.  Seeing someone with these symptoms, asking them if they travelled seems pretty basic for a doc.

Our officials need to stop telling the public we are ready for this, stop lying.  They need to start moving toward being ready by having specific guidelines for hospitals and all of the equipment and supplies available that are needed to care for these patients.

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